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The fastest, easiest, most cost-effective way to simplify wireless retail operations, reduce expenses, and increase profits.

CellSell® - Retail ERP Platform for Cell Phone Stores

What is CellSell? 

CellSell is an award-winning retail ERP platform designed for cellular phone, wireless device, and telecom industry retailers. It seamlessly integrates carrier activations with point-of-sale cross-selling, real-time perpetual inventory, commissions, and a simplified accrual accounting system. This system is designed specifically for people with no financial background, so it is easy to use and saves CellSell users thousands of dollars in labor costs and professional fees each year.


CellSell provides wireless businesses with rapid ROI

CellSell is the first true retail ERP platform designed specifically for cellular phone, wireless device, and telecom industry products and services retailers, so finance and accounting are built-in. That's why CellSell is fundamentally more comprehensive, cost-effective, and easy to use, and provides more data integrity, data duplication prevention, and a higher ROI than any combination of standalone Cell Phone Store POS Software and Small Business Accounting Solution, or separate Point-of-Sale Solutions for Wireless Retail and Multi-Purpose Bookkeeping Systems that you may already be familiar with.


CellSell simplifies complex retail telecom carrier point-of-sale transactions

CellSell simplifies complex carrier POS transactions making them easy and fast for your sales team to accurately process at checkout. This significantly improves your in-store customer experience, increases the number of wireless device orders that can be closed per hour by your sales team, and enables your back-office personnel to track and electronically reconcile your carrier commissions more easily and precisely than ever before. 


CellSell is the one source of financial truth for your business

CellSell simplifies your store-front and back-office daily operations to save you time and money by eliminating the need to manually enter, export, synchronize, reconcile sales receipts, taxes, general ledger, and inventory data between disparate POS and accounting systems. CellSell accurately combines your POS transaction data with your accounting data in real-time, ensuring the dependability, timeliness, and clarity of your financial information and providing you with a single source of financial truth for your business.


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Carrier Integration

CellSell eliminates re-keying of your Carrier’s Wireless Service Agreement Data to automate the creation of customer invoices at the point-of-sale with the current Carrier provided suggested retail price, instantly update your store’s activation commissions, hardware subsidies, inventory, company-wide and store location based Profit and Loss Financial Statements, all in real-time.

Carrier e-Contracts

CellSell offers electronic capture, encryption, and archiving of cellphone, and wireless device Carrier Service Agreements and  subscriber e-signatures, for convenient, quick and easy, on-demand paperless contract retrieval.

Carrier Virtual Prepaid

CellSell offers integration of mutli carrier virtual prepaid airtime vouchers to streamline sales, reduce inventory, improve cash flow, eliminate theft and fraud.

Carrier Reconcilliation

CellSell allows you to import and accurately electronically reconcile your cell phone and wireless device activation commissions and hardware subsidy reimbursement report files from your Carrier without having to set up and maintain complicated tables and lists of Price Plan SOC Codes, or pay any other company to do it for you, which saves you time and money.

CellSell® - Retail ERP Platform for Cell Phone Stores

Seamlessly integrated

Multi-carrier activations, point-of-sale, finance and accounting

CellSell integrates patented point-of-sale activation data processing technology, with real-time perpetual inventory, financial accounting, and user-configurable multi-carrier business rules, that provide accurate SRP phone pricing, hardware reimbursements, spiffs and commissions.

This unique combination of CellSell platform functionality is built from the ground up to deliver unprecedented in-store customer experiences, operational efficiency, financial reporting accuracy, and time and cost savings to all types and sizes of wireless retail businesses, including authorized dealers, franchises, master agents and carriers.

Authorized Dealers, Franchises, Master Agents and Carrier Stores

CellSell delivers dedicated support for Authorized Dealer, Franchise, Master Agent and Carrier Stores

Authorized Dealer

CellSell supports complete and seamless storefront, service department and back-office integration for single entity businesses, operating either one store or multiple locations.

Franchise, Master, Agent

CellSell supports template based deployment and real-time data exchange between Franchisor, Franchisees, Master and Sub Agents and their repective single entity businesses, operating either one store or multiple locations.  


CellSell supports telecom carrier stores with real-time connectivity between stores and OSS/BSS systems. CellSell offers additional support for telecom carrier API based integrations of orders and inventory from independent sales channels including Authorized Dealer, Franchise and Master Agent Stores.  

CellSell® - Retail ERP Platform for Cell Phone Stores

CellSell enables wireless retailers to save thousands of dollars in labor costs and professional fees annually, maintain a more up-to-date and accurate picture of their true profitability and financial health, and operate at a lower cost and higher profit. 

CellSell is the one true retail ERP platform that integrates carrier activations, wireless industry-specific POS transactions, and commissions with simplified finance and accounting. CellSell includes automated and streamlined support for accrual accounting, which is regarded as more accurate than cash basis accounting by financial professionals and accountants. CellSell also eliminates the need for manual data entry and reconciliation between different systems which enables you to save your company thousands of dollars in labor costs and professional fees annually, maintain a more up-to-date and accurate picture of its true profitability and financial health, and operate it at a lower cost and higher profit.

CellSell supports connection to online stores and top marketplaces 

CellSell connects your physical store with your online store so you can cost-effectively implement your own omnichannel e-commerce retail strategy, including the increasingly popular BOPIS (buy online pick up in store) business model, or extend your online reach with integrated order processing, fulfillment, invoicing, and accounting for your sales from the top online marketplaces like Amazon®, Walmart®, and eBay®.

CellSell supports integrated payment processing technology

CellSell improves your in-store customer experience and increases your business efficiency with advanced payment processing terminals that display invoice line-items as they are being tallied in real-time.  CellSell supports fully encrypted, tokenized and integrated PCI compliant EMV payment processing technology.

CellSell supports integrated Cell Phone Repair Shop work order tickets, inventory, POS and accounting

CellSell enables you to run your cell phone repair shop or service and repair department better on one integrated platform. Track each customer repair work order ticket and device. Manage warranty and billable repair tickets. Allow your technicians to monitor the status and history of each repair.  Eliminate the need to export your data to standalone accounting software.

Profit from seamless storefront-to-back-office integration built for wireless retail

Capitalize on CellSell retail ERP innovation that seamlessly integrates multiple telecom carrier-specific business rules with patented POS activation data processing technology and an astonishingly simple accounting system written specifically for those without any financial background and designed to meet the unique needs of retailers of cellular phones, wireless devices, and telecom industry products and services.                    

CellSell provides unsurpassed simplicity, auditability, and efficiency

From storefront-to-back-office CellSell is quick to implement, simple to learn and easy to use. CellSell provides cloud-based integrated POS and real-time financials with dynamic drill-down to source transaction-level detail that delivers unsurpassed simplicity, auditability, efficiency, time and cost savings to your wireless retail business.

CellSell eliminates upkeep of carrier hardware SRP and rebate spreadsheets 

CellSell eliminates the cumbersome upkeep of continually changing hardware SRP and rebate pricing carrier spreadsheets. 

CellSell is time-tested, proven and trusted since 1991

Originally introduced in Canada in 1991, CellSell is notably the most time-tested proven and trusted all-in-one retail ERP, POS, and accounting platform for retailers of cellular phones, wireless devices, and telecom industry products and services in North America. Today's CellSell is a state-of-the-art thin-client software as a service (SaaS) that runs fast, even at peak retail times, and even over low bandwidth connections to its world-class cloud-based services. 

CellSell gives you greater visibility and control 

CellSell provides you with greater visibility and control of your wireless business, than any combination of cell phone store POS systems, small business accounting software solutions, disparate point-of-sale solutions for wireless retail, and multipurpose bookkeeping software. 

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