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Want to serve your customers better, more safely and simplify the way you run your business to operate it at a lower cost and a higher profit?  

CellSell® - Retail ERP Platform for Cell Phone Stores

CellSell® is the first true Retail ERP Platform for Cell Phone Stores

CellSell® is the first true Retail ERP Platform for Cell Phone Stores, so it's inherently more cost-effective and complete, and delivers a higher ROI, and is much easier to run, than any combination of standalone Cell Phone Store POS Systems and Small Business Accounting Software Solutions, that you may already be familiar with.

CellSell® delivers seamlessly integrated and airtight real-time automatic accrual accounting, for unsurpassed simplicity, efficiency, and accuracy in financial reporting. You can run your entire business on CellSell® and finally make manual data-entry or exporting and syncronizing of your daily POS transactions between two separate systems a thing of the past.  

Designed exclusively for Cell Phone Stores, CellSell® combines patented multi-carrier compatible point-of-sale activation data processing technology, with fast single-screen customer checkout automation, to deliver an enhanced in-store customer experience, and industry leading electronic activation commission reconciliation process.

If you would like to increase the number of wireless device orders per hour that your sales representatives can close, serve your customers faster, better and more safely.  If you are interested in more easily keeping pace with Carrier promotions and compensation plans, finding revenue you didn't even know existed, eliminating disparate systems and information, ensuring the reliability, timeliness and clarity of your financial numbers, and running your entire business at a lower cost and at a higher profit, then it's definitely the right time to turn to CellSell®. Get started. Ask to see an online demo today.


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Patented Carrier Integration

With CellSell® patented technology, you can easily eliminate re-keying of your Carrier’s Wireless Service Agreement Data to automate the creation of customer invoices at the point-of-sale with the current Carrier provided suggested retail price, instantly update your store’s activation commissions, hardware subsidies, inventory, company-wide and store location based Profit and Loss Financial Statements, all in real-time.

Carrier e-Contracts

With CellSell® you can electronically capture, encrypt, and archive cellphone, and wireless device Carrier Service Agreements with subscriber signatures, for convenient, quick and easy, on-demand paperless contract retrieval.

Carrier Virtual Prepaid

With CellSell® you can increase sales, reduce inventory, improve cash flow, eliminate theft and fraud with integrated carrier prepaid airtime vouchers.

Carrier Reconcilliation

With CellSell® you can easily import and accurately electronically reconcile your cell phone and wireless device activation commissions and hardware subsidy reimbursement report files from your Carrier without having to set up and maintain complicated tables and lists of Price Plan SOC Codes, or pay any other company to do it for you, which saves you time and money.

CellSell® - Retail ERP Platform for Cell Phone Stores

CellSell® provides a seamless integration of Carrier Activation, POS and time-tested, proven, simplified Accounting, written specifically for those without any financial background.  This makes it easy for you to see how efficiently and cost-effectively, the revenue from your sales floor gets automatically and accurately recorded, and ensures that you always receive more up-to-date financial numbers, and a clearer understanding of how your business is actually doing.  


Authorized Dealer

CellSell® is the first true Retail ERP Platform written for Authorized Dealer Cell Phone Stores. CellSell® supports complete and seamless storefront, service department and back-office integration for single entity businesses, operating either one store or multiple locations.

Franchise, Master, Agent

CellSell® is the first true Retail ERP Platform written for Franchise, Master Dealer and Sub Agent Cell Phone Stores. CellSell® supports template based deployment and real-time data exchange between Franchisor, Franchisees, Master and Sub Agents and their repective single entity businesses, operating either one store or multiple locations. 


CellSell® is the first true Retail ERP Platform written for Carrier Cell Phone Stores with dedicated support for real-time connectivity between corporately owned and managed stores and OSS/BSS systems.  CellSell® offers additional support for Carrier API based integrations of Orders and Inventory from independent sales channels including Authorized Dealer, Franchise and Master Agent Stores.  

CellSell® - Retail ERP Platform for Cell Phone Stores

Eliminate the operational inefficiencies and costs of multiple separate systems

CellSell® will allow you to eliminate the operational inefficiencies and costs that multiple disparate applications and loosely interfaced standalone systems create in your business. 

CellSell® supports even the leanest of IT budgets.

CellSell® is a flexible and highly scalable Retail ERP platform designed to grow with your business and support even the leanest of IT budgets along the way. With CellSell® you always have the flexibility to choose the specific CellSell® edition and deployment strategy that best suits your company's individual needs. Be it Cloud, Private Cloud or on your own premises, the choice is always yours.

CellSell® supports Integrated Payment Processing Technology.

 Improve your in-store customer experience and increase your business efficiency with advanced payment processing terminals that display invoice line-items as they are being tallied in real-time.  CellSell® supports fully encrypted, tokenized and integrated PCI compliant EMV payment processing technology.

CellSell® supports integrated Cell Phone Repair Shop Work Order Tickets, Inventory, POS and Accounting.

Run your cell phone repair shop or service and repair department better on one integrated platform. Track each customer repair work order ticket and device. Manage warranty and billable repair tickets. Allow your technicians to monitor the status and history of each repair.  Eliminate the need to export your data to standalone accounting software.

Contactless virtual queue

Eliminate physical lines at your store. Increase revenue. Enhance customer experience. Help your clients practice social distancing by allowing them to safely check-in remotely into a virtual waiting line with CellSell® Queue.

CellSell® - Retail ERP Platform for Cell Phone Stores

Profit from customercentric retail storefront-to-back-office integration

Capitalize on the latest in award-winning CellSell® ERP innovation that seamlessly integrates patented POS activation data processing technology with Carrier specific business rules, CRM and an astonishingly simple accounting system, written specifically for those without any financial background.  CellSell® provides Cloud-based real-time financials with dynamic drill-down to source transaction-level detail that will deliver unsurpassed simplicity, auditability, efficiency, time and cost savings to your business.  CellSell® prevents the manual re-keying of wireless customer service agreement data at the point-of-sale checkout and instantly computes fluctuating smartphone inventory subsidized SRP with commissions to eliminate cumbersome upkeep of constantly changing Carrier pricing spreadsheets.  CellSell® is the most complete, time-tested, proven and trusted Retail ERP Platform for Cell Phone Stores in North America.  Fast and easy to implement and use, CellSell® will cost-effectively improve your in-store and after sales customer experience, boost your operational efficiency and provide you with a higher ROI than any combination of standalone Cell Phone Store POS, Repair Tracking, Small Business Accounting, RMS or CRM solutions.

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